Our Team

Physiotherapist The Hague

David Holthuijsen (BIG 19921809804)

Born in Voorburg, David Holthuijsen has always been interested in the healing arts from an early age thanks to his parents who both work in the medical field
Besides his early exposure to caregiving, David is highly active in a wide range of sports. His passion for sports combined with the desire to help others resulted in David choosing Physical Therapy as a career.

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Physiotherapist - Zoetermeer

Mandy van den Berg (BIG 89918748204)

Mandy van den Berg was born and raised in Rotterdam. After graduation she decided to start the sports education program at Albeda College. There she earned the “Fitvak A and B” certificate as a fitness instructor, Sports massage therapist and movement teacher for people with disabilities.

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Physiotherapist - The Hague and Zoetermeer

Laura Hamann (BIG 19917306904)

Laura Hamann was born and raised in Germany. Inspired by her uncle who was a successful natural medicine practitioner, she early on developed an interest in the medical field. After four years of intensive studies, she received a degree in Natural Medicine, one of the youngest in Germany to ever acquire this title.

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Fysiotherapeut - Zoetermeer

Yasmae Turpijn (BIG 29918881104)

Yasmae Turpijn graduated in 2013 from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences as a physiotherapist. She had been dreaming of a career as a physio for some time. After she had a lot of injuries during her time as a professional figure skater, she always wanted to know how body and mind were put together.

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Fysiotherapeut - Den Haag

Leroy Themen (BIG 69922607704)

Leroy graduated in early 2017 and largely follows the Mulligan concept. This means that active physiological movements with a passive correction are requested. With this technique, if it is indicated, rapid and pain-free function is recovered.

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Fysiotherapeut - Den Haag

Suzanne Bik (BIG 39925710404)

Born and raised in Zoetermeer, Suzanne Bik obtained her Bachelor's in physiotherapy in 2017 from the prestigious university of Antwerp. Shortly after, Suzanne chose to specialise, achieving her Masters in manual therapy in 2020.

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Fysiotherapeut - Zoetermeer

Petra Wyer (BIG 89909878704)

Petra is born and raised in Ireland and moved to the Netherlands 11 years ago. Her first study was a Bachelor in anatomy, hereafter she went on to study and complete a Masters in Physiotherapy in Belfast in 2004. Petra worked for a long time in the biggest multidisciplinary facility in Ireland, Cork University (Maternity) Hospital. Here she gained a lot of experience in a wide variety of disciplines within physiotherapy (including orthopaedics, neurology and women’s health physiotherapy).

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Why choose us?


Free Motion Physical Therapy is unique in that we are not like the typical Physical Therapy clinics. Here, our goal is to engage our clients with a fun and casual atmosphere all while maintaining a high level of professionalism. In addition, we are one of the few clinics in the area that offers Physical Therapy with in house Chiropractic care

Our clients like having options! By incorporating two like-minded and complementary professions under the same roof, we find that our clients get better faster and stay better longer than in other clinics. The Chiropractor is a definite specialist in the neurological system and in spinal and pelvic alignment; the physical therapist is a specialist in the muscular strengthening needed to maintain spinal alignment.

In addition to having some of the best Chiropractors in the area, our Physical Therapists also have an array of other modalities to aid in the healing process. From neck, shoulder and elbow complaints to low back, hip, knee and ankle we are confident that you will find peace in a body that is pain-free and in Free Motion!